National Park Plea

Video: Our National Parks Need Funding!

This week is a time to share what we are THANKFUL for….One thing we are definitely thankful for is OUR National Parks.

But Our National Parks are in a funding crisis. And beyond that, if Congress fails to agree on a budget, the whole government could shut down, including our beloved National Parks – just like 2013 and 1995. Funding for our Parks has been continually cut year after year and they are in desperate need of help… YOUR help. The Parks need people like you and me to “stick up for them” and make sure Congress provides the funding needed – not only to make repairs but also to protect the Parks in general so that they will be around for future generations!

Congress needs to hear from each of us that OUR PARKS MATTER before they decide on a budget for 2016. It only takes a few seconds – now is the time to tell Congress how YOU would like YOUR tax money spent! Let’s make sure Congress protects one of America’s greatest ideas – Our National Park System – so that all of our future generations will have the opportunities that we do now to enjoy wilderness and nature as God made it. Thank you friends!

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