Our Van & The Famous Barn | Grand Teton National Park | Photo by BackroadsVanner.com
Our Van & The Famous Barn | Grand Teton National Park

Van Life: Our Home On The Backroads!

This is our Chevy van that Mike customized from a cargo van to a camper van! This is the beauty that we take out on the road. It may not look like a travelin’ camper van and that’s how we like it… Stealth and under the radar.

Traveling in a van – Van Life – offers freedom.  It’s not too cumbersome to maneuver around hair-pin turns on Beartooth Pass in Wyoming/Montana or traverse 10% grades up to Bald Mountain Campground in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming.  It’s not too big to fit through narrow tunnels in Custer State Park in South Dakota, or fit into regular parking places just about anywhere we go.  We need no reservations at hotels or motels and we can come and go as we please.  When we’re tired, we pull over and climb in the back to sleep. When we’re ready to get on the road again, we just start her up and get going!  We can “live” on the backroads… where ever they take us.

Mike spent a lot of time and effort customizing this van to be comfortable and practical.  He designed and custom built the cabinets and installed the wiring and electrical plugs throughout, including all the high tech gadgets we use while on the road.  He even designed a custom canopy system that withstood tornado-force winds at a music festival in Arkansas.  Mike would like to share all of this and more with you.  We’ve put together a few videos to show you Mike’s custom build of this Chevy van and we’ve also added some DIY videos so you can customize your own van.  We have more awesome videos coming soon, including some really great van builds by other people. We’ll also post videos on how we travel in the van … our home away from home on the backroads… and our adventures of #vanlife.  Stay tuned!  Thanks for reading and we hope you’ll follow us, like us, share us, etc – just click here!

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