Mike & Shannan House Sitting in Wyoming | Photo by BackroadsVanner.com
Mike & Shannan House Sitting in Wyoming

House Sitting

There are people all over the globe, many with pets, who need trustworthy house sitters to care for their furry family members, and/or their house, while they’re away.

Because we’re both self employed and can work remotely using our solar / mobile office set-up, we’re able to enjoy the privilege of house sitting just about anywhere.   Since Mike has spent 30 years remodeling, flipping, renting and maintaining 100’s of his houses and rental properties over the years, he’s a walking plethora of construction and handyman skills.   We’re both animal lovers, especially dogs, and Mike is often called the “dog whisperer.”  This combination of qualities makes us ideal candidates for many house sitting situations.  Read more about us here!

House sitting jobs can be for a few days or for an extended period of time.  They can be close to “home” or far, far away.   We’ve even seen some in remote areas of Alaska where the only way in is by bush plane! We’d love to house sit in far away reaches of the earth, but then we’d have to find house sitters ourselves because we, too, have dogs.  In the future, we’ll house sit all over the globe but for now, since we still have 2 furry friends of our own, we’ll stay focused on house sitting where we can drive our van and bring them with us.

So far we have found house sits through friends and recommendations.  But we’ve recently found this really cool house sitting service called Trusted Housesitters (US) that connects home owners with house sitters all over the globe.  In most cases, the home owners have pets and they sign up with this service to find pet lovers who can house sit while they are away and take care of their pets in the process.  Many house sitters require no monetary payment since they feel their ability to pick amazing locations to visit and stay for free is payment enough.  But, you can sign up and check the box that you do require payment and perhaps you can make a living out of house sitting, too!

Below are photos of a house near Yellowstone where we house sit from time to time.  Our motto is “You don’t have to own it to enjoy it, care for it and love it!”

Thanks for reading and we hope you’ll get connected with us and stay in touch!  If you’re in need of a house sitter, please send us a note on our contact page!