Backroads Vanner Van Life - Window Tint / Window Insulation on Stealth Camper Van | Get SPF 1,000 On Your Van with XPEL PRIME XR

Video: NEW technology in Window Tint on Stealth Camper Van – Window Film Blocks Heat & Has SPF 1,000

When it comes to van life, whether you travel in your van or live in your van, you’ll want to address a commonly overlooked area when it comes to insulating your van… your windows! Obviously you can’t cover them with opaque material while driving, at least not the front windshield or front side windows. So what does a van owner apply or install to help insulate van windows? Think WINDOW TINT… but not that same old window tint from years past… it’s the newest in technology and it’s called WINDOW FILM!

With the latest technology these days, window tint / window film is so much more than a privacy screen or shade screen. Today’s window films not only provide privacy and shade, but they also provide UV rejection, infrared rejection and solar energy dissipation. This means a cooler van interior, a cooler YOU, better skin protection and better fuel economy.

After learning about the “best of the best” in window film & window tint from our friend and window tint expert Bob of D&D Window Tint in Arlington, Texas, we chose a window film product made by XPEL. Their XPEL PRIME XR line uses nano-ceramic particle technology that filters and blocks 99 percent of the sun’s UV rays AND more than 80% of the sun’s heat and infrared radiation, “making it more effective than traditional ceramic, metalized or dyed films.” By blocking the sun’s infrared radiation, your van is kept cooler.  And unlike traditional metalized window films, the XPEL PRIME XR line does not interfere with radio, cellular or bluetooth signals.

You likely wear sun screen on your skin… probably 30 SPF or maybe even 50 SPF. Well, XPEL PRIME XR window film provides a whopping SPF 1,000 – this means it blocks 99% of harmful UV rays! The sun’s rays can penetrate a regular window and reach your skin and the interior of your van. Not only will adding this window film protect your van’s interior, it will ALSO PROTECT YOUR SKIN from the damaging effects of the sun’s harmful UV rays that can lead to numerous skin cancers, premature aging and skin cell damage.

And you can get all of the above benefits without black or illegal super dark window tint! With today’s advanced technology, even the lightest shades in the XPEL PRIME XR line (like the XPEL PRIME XR 70) provide the maximum heat rejection.  This heat rejection film in the lightest of shades means that you can put this window film on your windshield, if legal in your state. That’s huge!  Why?  Because your windshield is the largest unprotected area in your van.  Having the ability to add a window film that will block all that heat and those harmful sun rays from reaching not only your van, but also your skin, is a lifesaver!


  • Windshield: XPEL PRIME XR 70 (plus a visor in a darker tint – check your state’s laws on allowed shades and allowed height of visors)
  • Front Cabin Side Windows: XPEL PRIME XR 35
  • Cabin sides and rear windows: XPEL PRIME XR 5


The first time we drove the van after the installation of the windshield film (XPEL PRIME XR 70), we realized after 30 minutes of driving on a hot, sunny day, that we forgot to put on our sunglasses!  That speaks volumes.  Usually, we can barely see in the hot Texas summer without sunglasses and here we were, driving down the road with no sunglasses because we forgot to put them on!  The dash and interior air was noticeably cooler than it was with our old window tint.  We are very pleased with our product choices and highly recommend the XPEL PRIME XR line of window films.  And as any quality product deserves, an expert installation is crucial.  We highly recommend D&D Window Tint in Arlington, Texas.

D&D Window Tint | Arlington, TX | 817-469-8468D&D WINDOW TINT:

If you are planning a trip through the DFW area, call D&D Window Tint and schedule an appointment. D&D Window Tint carries the highest quality film available (like XPEL Prime XR), with a nation-wide, lifetime, transferable warranty. Not only do they install window tint and window film, they also install XPEL Ultimate paint protection film (a clear bra that will protect your paint from rocks and road debris), which is like a clear (shiny or matte) vehicle wrap. If you have a new van or a new paint job, this paint protection film will protect it for years to come. D&D also specializes in installation of cutting edge remote start, security and GPS tracking… all great additions to any camper van!

D&D Window Tint | 1716 E Abram St., Arlington, Texas 76010 | | 817-469-8468


Be Sure To Check The Laws In Your State Regarding Window Tint!
Warning: This DIY video and post are for informational purposes only and are only our opinion and information on how WE applied the product to OUR camper van. Please consult a professional in your area before applying window tint to your van.