Lotus Cafe - Gluten-Free Restaurant in Jackson Hole, Wyoming | Photo by BackroadsVanner.com
Lotus Cafe - Gluten-Free Restaurant in Jackson Hole, Wyoming | Photo by BackroadsVanner.com

Food Review: The Lotus Cafe in Jackson Hole, Wyoming – A Gluten-Free Mecca

Being fairly new to the gluten-free lifestyle, I wasn’t too sure how easy it would be to travel and remain sans wheat. Since going “gluten-free” is not really a diet but more of a lifestyle and a journey, it’s natural to want to find gluten-free alternatives to everything in the food world… including pizza! And since Mike, being the ever-supportive boyfriend that he is, decided to do this gluten-free thing with me, I knew I’d need to find the kinds of things guys like to eat… did I mention pizza? As we were driving back into Jackson Hole from a day of wildlife hunting (hunting with our cameras, of course), I was wondering what the odds are that there’d be a restaurant in Jackson Hole with a gluten-free menu. And how about one with gluten-free pizza? “Yeah, right,” I thought. But I decided to google it anyway.

Holy smokes! Low and behold, we found the Lotus Cafe in Jackson Hole! What a gem! They not only have a gluten-free menu, the WHOLE MENU IS GLUTEN-FREE! What? Really? And there’s more! They have gluten-free pizza! And it’s a delicious kaleidoscope of high-quality, fresh ingredients. Jackpot! We also had the “Chicken Mango Spring Rolls” and they were delish!

This restaurant a real treasure for any palate but if you’re gluten-free, this place is your mecca. What a wonderful menu! And darn near everything is gluten-free! Each item on the menu shows whether it is gluten-free and/or vegan, making dining out much easier for non-traditional foodies. They even have gluten-free pancakes! But be forewarned, there’s usually a line at the Lotus Cafe for the breakfast crowd…. which is a real testament to the yumminess, quality and NEED for restaurants like this one.

Unfortunately we never got a chance to try the pancakes but we did get some of their gluten-free muffins to go, and they are excellent! We had the strawberry-rhubarb muffins and they were really tasty and super easy to eat while you’re out traipsing around the mountains of Grand Teton National Park.

Now maybe I’ll just move here. I always did love this town. As a kid growing up visiting my dad, who lived in Jackson Hole most of my life, I always did daydream that one day I would move here. You have the incredible Teton mountains, some of the most gorgeous scenery I have ever seen, outdoorsy things to do, wildlife you are hard pressed to see in most places, and now… a gluten-free restaurant! Now that ices the cake (well, the gluten-free cakes and muffins they sell at the Lotus Cafe, anyway).

To try the Lotus Cafe for yourself, please visit them in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.   Tell them that “Backroads Vanner” sent you. We’ll stop back in next time we are in Jackson and see how many mentions we got!

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Lotus Cafe
145 N. Glenwood St.
Jackson, WY 83001