Shannan Taking Photos in Grand Teton National Park | Photo by
Shannan Taking Photos in Grand Teton National Park

Our Favorite Travel Photography Gear

We researched photography gear quite extensively before we dove in and bought a whole set up. Let’s face it, good quality, professional photography gear can get really expensive in a hurry! But this day and age, there are some exciting new cameras on the market called mirrorless cameras and Sony makes incredible mirrorless cameras! They are smaller than traditional DSLRs and are much easier to lug around when you are traveling or have limited space.  We have personally heard from many professional photographers that they have ditched their heavy DSLRs for most photography shoots and instead use their new Sony A600 Mirrorless Camera!  And, best of all, they take amazing photos!  99% of the photos you see on this web site were taken with this camera gear. 100% of the video you see on our YouTube channel was taken/recorded with this camera gear!

Below are the actual products we bought – we use – we LOVE.

A Few of Our FAVORITE Photography Gadgets:

We use and LOVE all of the following photography gear:


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