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Video: DIY Custom Bug Screens For Your Van

Just like the custom van awning system that Mike created, when he has a need for an item for his camper van, there’s often no product on the market that fits the bill.

So what is an inventive mind to do?

Design and make your own, of course!

Mike created these custom van screens 5 or 6 years ago and never thought about sharing the idea in a widespread format.  After posting the video “From Cargo Van to Camper Van” on our YouTube channel, a number of people loved the idea and asked for more details about the van screens.  So, Mike decided to create a “How-To” video on how you can make your own custom van screens shown in this video (hit the play button on the video above to see for yourself).  Also see the video “From Cargo Van to Camper Van” where Mike first introduced these custom van screens.


Benefits of these custom van bug screens:

  • Keeps the bugs out! And that means West Nile carrying mosquitoes!
  • Blocks 90% of the sun’s heat (if you use the screen material we recommend – see below)
  • Allows for fresh air in your vehicle without allowing bugs in
  • Allows for ventilation, which helps tremendously if you have a fan running
  • Easy for you to see out; hard for others to see in
  • Can be custom made to fit any vehicle


Products You Will Need To Make These Custom Van Window Screens:

Phifer Super Solar Screen - 48 in. x 25 ft. Charcoal

From Home Depot:
1. Phifer 48 in. x 25 ft. Charcoal Super Solar Screen
(or the size you need for your screen project)
2. Plus, the screws mentioned in the video (for installing the snaps)

Dritz Heavy Duty Silver Snap Kit 7pcs Size 24

From Jo-Ann Fabrics:
3. Dritz Heavy Duty Silver Snap Kit 7pcs Size 24
There are 7 snaps per package. Decide how many snaps you will need per screen and get the number of packages you’ll need for your project.

2inches Polypro Belting - Black

From Jo-Ann Fabrics:
4. 2inches Polypro Belting – Black
This roll contains 15 yards (45 feet).  This will be the edging that will go around the entire perimeter of all of the screens you are making.  If your project doesn’t need this much, you can buy a lesser amount in store.


In addition to the products above, you will need scissors, measuring tape, screwdriver or screw gun, a mallet or light hammer, and a way to sew the belting to the screen material.


If you have any comments or questions, we’d love to hear from you!  You can comment on this page (see below) or you can also comment on this video on our YouTube channel.


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