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Products We Use! Products We Love! Everything from solar power, tech & camping gear to camera & video equipment & products for traveling off-the-grid, stealth camping, etc. Plus, product reviews & cool things we encounter for living in alternate ways (think downsizing, #vanlife, wild camping, RV life, tiny houses, etc…).

Camper Van & RV Accessories

Camper Van & RV Accessories

Here are links to some of the products that Mike used on his camper van conversion.   These items would work great on your custom van build or custom RV, as well! Custom Van Bug Screens: Items you'll need in o... CLICK TO READ MORE...
Mike Kayaking The Snake River Near Cattleman's Bridge | Grand Teton National Park | Photo by BackroadsVanner.com

Van Camping & Outdoor Gadgets

Here is a brief list of some of our favorite camping and travel gear. Yes, UDAP Bear Spray is on the list!  With the increase in bear activity in the northern National Parks, we always (each of us) carry a c... CLICK TO READ MORE...