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Camper Van & RV Accessories

Camper Van & RV Accessories

Here are links to some of the products that Mike used on his camper van conversion.   These items would work great on your custom van build or custom RV, as well! Custom Van Bug Screens: Items you'll need in o... CLICK TO READ MORE...
Mike Kayaking The Snake River Near Cattleman's Bridge | Grand Teton National Park | Photo by BackroadsVanner.com

Van Camping & Outdoor Gadgets

Here is a brief list of some of our favorite camping and travel gear. Yes, UDAP Bear Spray is on the list!  With the increase in bear activity in the northern National Parks, we always (each of us) carry a c... CLICK TO READ MORE...
BackroadsVanner.com National Park Plea

National Parks Closed!

DON'T LET THIS BE THE HEADLINE EVER AGAIN... like it was in 2013 and 1995! Did you know that the amount of funding for our National Parks is in question as Congress decides on the budget for 2016?  And beyond ... CLICK TO READ MORE...
Jackson Lake | Grand Teton National Park | Photo By BackroadsVanner.com

National Parks Magazine

We LOVE our National Parks!  And we can't wait to visit them all.  But, did you know the National Parks have a magazine? What a great source of information on our National Parks.  And the best part is, a tax... CLICK TO READ MORE...
Moose in Colorado | Photo by BackroadsVanner.com

Wildlife & Birds

Also, see our "In Search of Grizzly Bears In Yellowstone" story for more information about seeing grizzly bears in the Yellowstone area and the most important piece of equipment you should have with you (psst... CLICK TO READ MORE...
Mike & Shannan at the Grand Canyon of The Yellowstone | Yellowstone National Park | Photo By BackroadsVanner.com

About Us

Hi! We're Mike & Shannan ... two free spirits who like to think and play "outside the box,".... creative thinkers, advocates of our National Parks & adventure seekers. We're a kindred pair of gyp... CLICK TO READ MORE...
You gotta have bear spray in grizzly country! | Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park | Photo by BackroadsVanner.com

Gadget Reviews

Reviews on gadgets and gizmos pertaining to traveling, camping & van customizing. We'll share our recommendations on solar panels, portable power, camping & outdoor gear, and even camera stuff.  All th... CLICK TO READ MORE...
Mike & Shannan House Sitting in Wyoming | Photo by BackroadsVanner.com

House Sitting

There are people all over the globe, many with pets, who need trustworthy house sitters to care for their furry family members, and/or their house, while they're away. Because we're both self employed and ca... CLICK TO READ MORE...