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Here is a brief list of some of our favorite camping and travel gear.

Yes, UDAP Bear Spray is on the list!  With the increase in bear activity in the northern National Parks, we always (each of us) carry a can of bear spray.  You can use it for self defense in other situations at home as well (but you cannot take it on an airplane so if you buy it on your trip and you are flying, you can donate it to a fellow traveler before your trip home!)

You may be wondering why there is a Samsung Gear 2 Neo Smartwatch on the list…. well, it has this nifty little safety function that, when you press the button on the watch 3 times, it will automatically text another person (once set up) your GPS coordinates and a few seconds of audio. We think this is GREAT in an emergency situation. You do have to have cell phone service for this feature to work (and please check the product details to be sure it works with your phone – we have Samsung Galaxy 6 smartphones).


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